Premium Admin Dashboard Template vs Free Admin Dashboard Template.

Premium Admin Dashboard Template vs Free Admin Dashboard Template.

People are always attracted to spend less in client projects or in even on own projects to reduce the costs of building a product. Did free products actually save your money? or did it costs more. So often people as us “What is the difference between one of your premium template and other free templates?”

I can understand the question is why should i spend 29$ to 699$ for just a template, if they have free option near by.

So here i would like to give you a glance information that helps you to make a better decision further.


Support is a major factor when it comes to a template, Weather you are building product for your client or building a product your own. Every product is built on different approach and you would need to know the code architecture in-depth to understand into a deeper customization. Support is very essential at the initial time to integrate your backend with frontend seamlessly.

Advanced Elements

Once you opt a free template you would only have access to basic ui elements. You need to build elements and work more in front end to develop more advanced styles and elements. As a product you would require different kind of buttons, Styles, Animations, charts, tables, user pages, Notification and alert popups and a lot more. Premium admin templates would help you to reduce your tasks in building more pages for your application. Premium admin templates are bundled with all pre-sets you required for your template. This would help you to save cost and time for building a front end of the web application as well as you would be able to access a pool of widgets in the premium templates.

Time & Cost Savings

Time is everything when it comes to the development of the project. You would always wanted to focus on your development side instead of the UI & UX of the dashboard and moreover as a backend developer its not your area of expertise. Once you opt a premium template you could save hours of time and cost in developing several widgets, elements and helps you with deeper customization.